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Owen: Month Three

Once again I am late with Owen’s monthly post. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually get it posted on time πŸ˜‚

It’s been a wild month around here, and it’s probably going to stay that way for a bit (especially because we are going into busy portrait season!). I think our little chunk grows every stinkin’ day. He is getting so big so very fast! He’s getting to that precious stage where he loves to play, and it’s so precious to watch him starting to interact with everyone more.Β He also recently decided he doesn’t really like laying down/reclining that often anymore, he’d much rather be sitting up (he can almost sit up on his own already, and sometimes does for a short period if he is sitting somewhere he can easily lean forward and then rest again.Β 

This month he figured out kisses, and he is all about them. He cracks me up because he looks like a baby bird trying to tell it’s mom it needs a worm every time he wants a kiss (he definitely looks like he’s about to eat your face but he never actually tries πŸ˜‰ ), and one kiss is usually followed by about 50 more. He smiles more than any baby I’ve ever seen (to my recollection) and is just a pretty chill happy little man in general (although we have had more cranky days lately…not sure if he’s having another growth spurt or already working on a tooth 😬

Owen had his initial consult for his Hemangioma. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than we previously suspected, and they decided there was a need to start treating it pretty aggressively. Because of the location and size there is concern that it could start to cause structural damage to the bones in his forehead/brow, and could also potentially lead to issues with his vision. He is currently on a more mild treatment at home, but he will be going in next week to start in office treatments as well to try to really get on top of things. In addition to that he has to have a rather extensive number of test to ensure that this isn’t indicative of a more serious, internal, problem. We are very hopeful that is not that case as he appears to be otherwise healthy, but the doctors don’t want to take any chances. That being said prayers are greatly appreciated for those of you who would like to keep him in your prayers.Β 

All in all things are going great, and we are loving life with two boys! I didn’t get any pictures of the boys together this month outside of cell phone pics (I know it’s terrible), so hopefully next month I’ll get to share some of William as well.Β 

Owen's eyes are finally starting to change on us. I'm still not sure what color they are going to be...they seem to have a lot of brown in them in this photo, but I often see glimmers of green as well...we shall see.
He always stares at people with such wide eyes.
Oh, nice, drool. Oh's way to cute not to post ;P
Apparently mommy is very funny.
I'm pretty sure this face means he's done with pictures
He was taking a nap in Big Brothers crib (soon to be his as bubba will be moving to the big boy bed), but of course he woke up as soon as I grabbed the camera
"Really're just gonna leave me here"
His crying face is just way to stinking sad (and yes I did put the camera away and pick him up πŸ˜‰ )

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    1. Thank you so much Mandy πŸ™‚ his first round of tests came back good! We gave a couple more rounds, but we are hopeful that remains the case!

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